Repcast HR

REPCAST HR is a ceramic composite developed by ALEASTUR which combines a high temperature ceramic refractory with up to 30% weight stainless steel fibers. This combination result in a product with excellent properties in comparison with steel or cast iron shapes and other reinforce monolithic refractories.

REPCAST HR can be applied in different areas where metals are oxidized at high temperature and refractories do not wear mechanical impacts or abrassion.

REPCAST HR is designed for each industry using different combinations of ceramic materials and stainless steel fibers in a wide range of geometries according to each customer’s particular specifications.

REPCAST HR has some inherent properties that allow itself to work in most difficult conditions regarding high temperature and impacts. These properties are:

High Termal
Stress Resistance
High Impact
High Thermal
Shock Resistance
High Oxidizing
Atmosphere Resistance